We were TrikeApps.

We built developers that know their stuff and websites that were great to use.

We have become part of the wonderful organisation that is Bellroy.



Computers rock at some things. Humans rock at others. We think that if the two can work together, with software that enables rather than inhibits, you can create productivity magic.

Simple (but not simple):

There's the simple that ignores much of the problem, and then there's the Simple that feels easy, but works with complexity. We shoot for the second type, which is much harder, but also much more powerful - and satisfying for the devs that nail it.



Our development processes are roughly Scrum-based, but we move quickly to fix the bits that aren't working for us. Our systems and processes are flexible enough to make changes and run different experiments from sprint to sprint. We encourage our developers to suggest and run experiments that can improve not only their output but their well-being.

Focused on quality:

Our code review and continuous integration processes are geared towards shortening development cycles without compromising the quality of our solutions. We regularly conduct architectural reviews to ensure we're always moving towards our long-term goals.


Collaborations, not just clients:

We're picky about the clients we work with and care about how their mission aligns with ours. We train our developers to balance engineering effort with the expected payback time; to ship the features with the biggest cost of delay first; to ensure that our client's capacity to make the world a better place is amplified by their relationship with us.


There are lots of theories out there, but a lot of them are wrong. Writing code means that our brains have learned to check that our theories and assumptions are right, that they work, and that they match reality.