About Us

Trike Apps is about building developers who are awesome at what they do and websites that are great to use.

We do this with a team of switched-on developers based predominantly in Melbourne, Australia, and also peppered across the world. Our developers are on hand to write intuitive and effective software using dynamic programming languages. We then supplement this team with key partners and freelancers chosen specifically for each project.

Our boss Mike is a geek (and always has been). But he's a geek with extensive business, systems engineering and consulting experience - we think that keeps our developers engaged and challenged and our results focused and grounded.

Our people:

There is a powerful insight around software development - modern dynamic languages mean that quality matters vastly more than quantity. So, if you have a few switched-on geeks, you can outperform a mediocre army.

Here are some of our switched-on geeks. If you were hoping to find the army of mediocrity instead, we're sorry, but you've come to the wrong place.

Mike (the Boss)

Mike is thrilled to be part of the TrikeApps team where he's building great products with great people. read more


Wes has been fascinated by computers and technology ever since his Dad put him in front of his Commodore 64 around age 5. read more

Cat (the Sys Admin)

Cat didn't start out as a geek, but became one through osmosis. Her mum was a Sys Admin, so you might say it’s in her blood... read more


Jais started off studying business but didn't feel the thrill he was hoping for so he switched to IT and hasn't looked back. read more


Jack ran away to sea, but the online world was too interesting to keep him away forever. read more


Fredrik was assembled in a freezing underground laboratory in Norway. read more


Kim is a New Zealander who ran away to Melbourne. Like most New Zealanders he longed for escape. read more


Chris has always been involved with technology, writing his first website when he was 9 years old. read more

Di (the UX specialist)

Di likes robots, reading and warm weather. read more


Matt has always been interested in computers and automation to help make lives easier. read more


Andrew is fanatic about technology. read more


Being born in a remote village of Bangladesh, Joy even didn’t have electricity in his home until he was 15. read more

Matt (director extraordinaire)

Driven by a passion for efficiency in both process and design, Matt utilises his extensive skills and experience in business management and IT development to continually develop and improve business processes. read more