Andrew Pratley

Andrew is fanatic about technology.

Andrew Pratley

Andrew is passionate about coding as it combines his twin loves of problem-solving and the art of creating.

Prior to discovering his love for coding, he was a lawyer and entrepreneur, starting an early childhood centre in New Zealand and co-founding a corporate agency in Beijing. But his love for technology won over and he embraced his love for making things with code.



As a young boy, Andrew pulled apart everything – VHS machines, computers, household appliances and anything he could get his grubby paws on. Nowadays, he tries to put things together. He built a tri-copter from scratch, a gas powered go-kart, a wifi spy robot and started a web based hosting platform for 360ยบ virtual reality videos. His projects often cause much distress to his wife.

Authentic, multicultural community

Culturally, Andrew is as diverse as his CV. He is half New Zealander, half Malaysian and has lived in New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore and China. He loves meeting people from diverse backgrounds and learning from them. Equally, he loves creating authentic communities where people feel free to be themselves.

Helping others

During his younger years, Andrew taught and mentored street kids in Malaysia through a school that his family started. Doing life with those less fortunate shaped his outlook on life and instilled a desire to make a difference. As coding is able to transcend national borders, he hopes to put his coding skills to good use.

… and: and you?