Catherine Truscott

System Administrator

Cat didn't start out as a geek, but became one through osmosis. Her mum was a Sys Admin, so you might say it’s in her blood...


… though she tried to deny it at university by studying history and archaeology. Even at uni she ditched the diggers for the geeks as she was drawn to friends in engineering where she was exposed to unix playing nethack that taught her leet vi skills which would later come in handy. She finally gave in to her geeky tendencies and set out on her now 15-year-long quest to make servers a better place.

As a child of the early Internet, Cat is a strong proponent of Open Source software, command lines and common sense. She is wary of large egos, trolls and any images of her being on the Internet, thus the caricature avatar. Her raison d’être is to have everything organised and structured just right so the nothing every goes EEK in the night.

… and: and you?