Fredrik Persen Fostvedt

Fredrik was assembled in a freezing underground laboratory in Norway.

Fredrik Fostvedt

They pieced him together using the body parts of several famous deceased computer scientists hoping to create the ultimate coder and IT professional. The experiment failed and he was sent to the Norwegian University of Technology and Science (NUTS) where he graduated in – you guessed it – computer science. After 5 years of north pole weather and bureaucracy, he decided to move to Melbourne and become a rails developer.

When Fredrik doesn’t write code – which is not often – he conducts mad scientific and unscientific experiments. He enjoys mixing chunks of flora and fauna together, exposing them to heat, having his friends consume them and observe the effects. This is also known as cooking. He also has been known to collect audio recordings, superimposing them on one another and exposing crowds of people to the resulting signal. This is also known as DJing. He also heavily involved in the sensory deprivation tank industry, naturally. For leisure, he reads scifi, listens to radiolab and makes up songs on the fly.

Fredrik is driven by writing applications and creating experiences that have a positive impact on the world. He does this on a daily basis.

… and: Michael Webb, Catherine Truscott, Jasvir Cheema, Kim Dowling, Chris D'Aloisio, Andrew Pratley, Elvin Verlaat, Joy Nag, Luiz Anjos, Carlos Rojas, Matt Fallshaw, and you?