Jack Kelly

Jack ran away to sea, but the online world was too interesting to keep him away forever.


Jack was always interested in computers, but after finishing university and working for a while he heard the call of the sea. He spent two years on a tall ship, learned how to care for the rig and qualified as a master and engine driver. Maintaining the ship’s computers and downloading weather forecasts wasn’t stimulating enough so he came ashore, washed the salt from his sea-boots and joined Trike.

He says “GNU/Linux” with a straight face, but won’t get cross if you don’t.

… and: Michael Webb, Wesley Moore, Catherine Truscott, Jasvir Cheema, Fredrik Fostvedt, Kim Dowling, Chris D'Aloisio, Di MacDonald, Matt Gardner, Andrew Pratley, Joy Nag, Matt Fallshaw, and you?