Jais Cheema

Jais started off studying business but didn't feel the thrill he was hoping for so he switched to IT and hasn't looked back.

Jais Cheema

Jais started off by studying business in India for one year but didn’t feel the thrill he was hoping for and came to Australia in 2007 to study IT in RMIT university. Once he met Miss Programming, he fell hard for her and took all the computer science courses he could get his hands on. He majored in Application programming and knew he’d found his thrill and they’ve been dating for some time and it’s getting serious.

He likes to read comics and science/magical fiction books and like to dabble in all the cool technologies floating around in the technosphere. It’s no surprise his favorite author is JK Rowling and he will talk your ear off about why the Harry Potter books are better than the movie to anyone that will listen.

He has dreams to retire early and work as a farmer for rest of his life like his dad; he just needs to figure out how you can build an app to run the farm… and that will free up his time so he can travel around the world.

… and: Michael Webb, Catherine Truscott, Kim Dowling, Chris D'Aloisio, Andrew Pratley, Elvin Verlaat, Joy Nag, Luiz Anjos, Carlos Rojas, Matt Fallshaw, and you?