Joy Nag

Being born in a remote village of Bangladesh, Joy even didn’t have electricity in his home until he was 15.

Prasenjit Nag

His interest in computers started growing reading about them in magazines and by occasionally going to cyber cafe’s saving tiffin money at college.

He blindly chose CS as a Major in his Bachelors just to know more about what these little boxes has to offer. When he was first introduced to programming in his first semester he instantly fell in love with it and feels the same excitement today. Though he had to write programs in paper and on friends computers for another six months until his father could afford buying one for him.

He still consider himself a newbie in programming but dreams to become a very good programmer someday.

He is interested in writing clean code, Design Patterns, Software Architecture, TDD, Functional Programming, Meditation, Spirituality and anything else that he finds interesting.

He is very passionate about the Growth mindset and Grit and aspire to grow these traits in him.

… and: and you?