Matthew Fallshaw BE (hons), BA

Founder of TrikeApps

Driven by a passion for efficiency in both process and design, Matt utilises his extensive skills and experience in business management and IT development to continually develop and improve business processes.




Matt’s been a management and supply chain consultant, providing detailed analysis and advice to big business. He’s been a factory manager, product design manager, tool room manager, and software consultancy manager (Matt is TrikeApps ex-CEO). He’s a past director of a multinational manufacturing company. Now Matt is applying his skills across several of Investling’s companies… but he still loves TrikeApps, and secretly loves sneaking away from his other duties to work on software architecture, business strategy, or hacking on software tools just because he loves software.

IT and Software Development

Matt has been a massive geek since he was about seven years old, and at the junction of that tendency and his extensive business experience he finds a unique viewpoint (for someone who has been a hands on programmer) on the issues his applications are trying to solve. Oh, and he’s a bit weird: he’s awake for ~20 hours every day through an unusual sleep schedule, he reads at above 1000 wpm, he listens to podcasts and audiobooks at >2× normal speed, he thinks your diet can make you live longer, and that living a little longer may bring technological advances that let you live a little longer still, which might buy you a little longer, which may… make a very big difference.

… and: and you?