Michael Webb BASc. Computer Science, MBA

Mike is thrilled to be part of the TrikeApps team where he's building great products with great people.


Software developer

Way back in 1986, Mike’s parents bought a Texas Instruments 99/4A for the three Webb siblings to squabble over. It wasn’t long before he was writing choose-your-own-adventures in BASIC and manually copying pages of code out of magazines. Since then, he’s designed and built software for many industries – retail, telecommunications, healthcare, insurance, construction, aviation, mining and electricity markets – and with many technology stacks – Delphi, Visual Basic, Java, .NET and now Ruby / Rails.

… and Manager

Mike completed his MBA at Melbourne Business School in September 2013, and became TrikeApps General Manager in July 2014.


Science & Technology

Mike is interested in technological progress in all scientific disciplines and likes to try new things. Once that Tesla Model S price comes down a little, look out…


Mike first fell in love with software development because the possibilities were endless and there was always new stuff to learn. Earlier in his career, moving between technology stacks and industries satisfied his thirst for knowledge. More recently, he moved his focus into marketing and strategy in his MBA. He reads literary fiction voraciously.


Mike is a relative newcomer to the world of open source but is delighted with the strong and vibrant Rails community in Australia. He hopes to be able to give back as much as he’s received.

… and: and you?