Wesley Moore BASc. Computer Science, BE Computer Systems Engineering

Wes has been fascinated by computers and technology ever since his Dad put him in front of his Commodore 64 around age 5.


Computer Programmer

Since his introduction to the Commodore 64 he has embraced his inner geek and learnt the inner workings and how to program computers ranging from 8-bit microcontrollers to multi-core workstations.



Wes has a broad interest in computing. He enjoys learning about and trying out obscure operating systems like Haiku and ReactOS and not so obscure ones like OpenSolaris. He’s always keen to try out new programming languages, each of which tend to have their own unique abilities. Whilst not a graphic designer himself the intricacies of human computer interface design is also something he likes to hear about.


Wes loves coding. He first started at about 10 with Microsoft BASIC and hasn’t stopped trying to find new and interesting things to program since. He considers programming an art and strives to write beautiful code at all times.

Standards and Open Source

Wes is a keen supporter of open source software both as a user and contributor. He enjoys making a contribution to the software development community as well as the potential for greater quality gained through wider scrutiny. He’s also a big fan of embracing standards to avoid lock-in and promote interoperability and future extension.

… and: Michael Webb, Catherine Truscott, Jasvir Cheema, Jack Kelly, Fredrik Fostvedt, Kim Dowling, Chris D'Aloisio, Di MacDonald, Matt Gardner, Andrew Pratley, Joy Nag, Matt Fallshaw, and you?