We design and build software that fills needs, solves problems, and does its bit to help the world flourish. With a focus on key collaborations and altruistic contributions, we are proud of everything we do at Trike.

our collaborations

An end-to-end e-commerce solution for global carry experts, Bellroy – designed, built and shepherded by TrikeApps. Bellroy have recently attained B Corp certification, and do many good things in the world.
A joint project in building and maintaining the best radiology reference available globally - for everyone, for free.

our contributions

Logo and user interface contributions for a site that makes world-class education accessible to almost anyone.
A site built by TrikeApps, that helps you hone your ability to assess your predictions based on the level of fact.
Helping the Effective Altruism community incorporate modifications to the open-source codebase.
An online home created for a community devoted to refining the art of human rationality.
A site designed and built by TrikeApps for Eliezer’s essays on the fine art of human rationality.
Refining the site of Robin Hanson, ensuring his articles on ‘honesty, signaling, disagreement, forecasting and the far future’ are seen more clearly.