Khan Academy

Logo and user interface contributions for a site that makes world-class education accessible to almost anyone.

The Project

Small contributions to a glorious project. Salman Khan started the Khan Academy as a way to tutor his cousins remotely -- while he was a hedge fund analyst in Boston, and they were students in New Orleans. He started posting videos on YouTube, and more and more people kept watching. It was clear there was a huge unmet need, so Sal left his hedge fund job and started Khan Academy with the mission of providing a free world-class education to anyone, anywhere.

The Results

Sal's project has been wildly successful, having delivered over 36 million video views and established one of the world's largest 'classrooms'. We contributed some design, user experience and other advice, and our logo and several user interface refinement ideas were adopted.

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Khan Academy screenshot large

Logo designed and donated by TrikeApps.